Plain Face Masks

Plain Face Masks

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About our Face Coverings

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic needs no introduction. As a small business whose primary market is made up of schools and universities we, like thousands of others, have seen a massive reduction in demand for our services.

Rather than sit idle and complain, we decided to see what we could do to help. Our wide range of state of the art equipment is designed for decoration rather than garment manufacture - but with some creativity and lots of prototyping we have been able to repurpose it to produce fabric face coverings.

By producing these for the general population who are not working in medical / high risk settings, we can protect the limited supply of medical grade masks for those who truly need them.

Looking to areas that are relaxing their lockdowns around the world it is clear that fabric face masks are going to be a significant part of the recovery process. By contributing our capacity to the supply we hope we can provide some peace of mind for those who cannot avoid public transport and busier areas.

To be clear, these are not intended to be used as medical / surgical masks.

Do fabric face masks offer any real protection?

There is widespread debate as to how beneficial fabric face masks are. We do not make any claims ourselves and would prefer that you do your own research - our production has been based on this informative article by Smart Air Filters referencing research from Cambridge University:
What are the best materials for making DIY masks?

Our masks start with the recommended option of two layers of t-shirt fabric. We also include a central core of embroidery backing for additional structure and leave a pocket open on one end of the mask allowing you to add your own additional filter.

Should fabric face masks be washed / reused?

This is again open for debate. Our masks have been designed to be washable at 60°C (including personalised options). We recommend all masks are washed prior to their first use.

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